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The Story Unfolds!

Uncommon Sanctuary: Until Spring Again appeared to float in the universe for the longest time before landing in my hands. With reserved approach I shared the volume with a friend and his response to the finished work brought tears to my eyes.

“Robin, you need to share this book with everyone” he repeated twice. “This is the world that we live in and people need to be reminded.” he stated with emphasis at the photographs. His further reaction to the writing; the narrative was an assertion: “I need to read this.” A simple statement yet embodying my dreams for the Uncommon Sanctuary books; that each reader would find their own meaning and inspiration within their pages.

For those of us who find our sanctuary at Carl Sandburg Home there has been an awareness of this project for many years now. A communal hope and dream realized; an unfaltering support. It is very often the case that the outcome of an artist’s perseverance in a finished work is a new beginning. “Uncommon Sanctuary: Until Spring Again” begins its journey with hopes and dreams that have found their wings.

Robin Anderson, author and photographer!

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