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About Robin


Robin Anderson began life in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where her own family reflected the contrast between the simple faith and rugged existence of the family farm to the always more worldly way of life in Asheville, the city where she was born. She grew up an avid reader and was strongly impacted at a young age by a book written by Catherine Marshall called Christy, the story of her own mother. The rich heritage and culture of the mountain people were given credence and respect from the perspective of a young teacher from Asheville who sought to understand their world.


An integral part of Robin’s youth was Girl Scouting. As a restless student in school and quite the introvert there she gained confidence in her own abilities and strengths. Ever present were those experiences by the campfire and on the trail where she had found peace and connection. She experienced mountain music and handicrafts preserved through generations and came to love their timelessness.


It was through hard work and perseverance as well as the leadership skills she had learned in Scouting that she was the first in her family to attend college. When she returned an essential part of her personal approach as a helping professional and in nurturing five children to adulthood was fostering creativity and artistic expression in differing mediums of personal expression. She promoted a connection with nature as nurturing and life-affirming.


Robin found a slower pace of life in Flat Rock further along the way and was drawn to opportunities to nurture those values in herself. Hiking trails at Carl Sandburg Home nearby became essential for health and embracing spirituality. She experienced renewal and peace on the trails along with like-minded souls. 


An eye for beauty and moments of connection with nature grew into a collection of photographs and more. In a place that many deem to be a sanctuary, she sought to understand the imprint that Carl Sandburg and his family left upon the land. The result has been an ongoing organic record of life at the Historic Site not only on the trails but at the Home and Goat Farm. Records of Carl Sandburg’s life reveal his connection with the people of Asheville where Robin has her roots but also the people of Western North Carolina.


Robin Anderson believes that her photographs capture moments of true connection and meaning. There is hopefulness, faith in new life always, and truth in each experience. As an artist and as an individual she hopes that readers will find their own inspiration in these pages.


About Kelsey

Kelsey Lyon: Kelsey Lyon Designs

Art Director

Kelsey is a Branding and Graphic Designer who has been in the field for over 15 years. She has worked with small businesses, artists, and non-profits all over the country and has used her talents to create the book design as well as website and social media presence.


Kelsey Lyon played a pivotal role in the creation of Robin Anderson Photography. With a portfolio of brilliant design work in major publications, she brings a level of professionalism and technical expertise into all she creates. 

As a mentor for this author and photographer my own skills and knowledge in bringing my photographs to the public have steadily grown. Understanding my story and who I am as an artist have been contextualized into a brand recognizable as my own while Kelsey lends her own vision and context to each project. A level of business acumen and practical knowledge of the art world have been foundational to this venture and rendered new confidence in my own decisions.”


“When you see my work, recognize the design artist helping bring each photograph and part of the narrative to light and life. Gratitude and thanks for your belief in me.”


Robin Anderson

Robin Anderson Photography

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