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Robin Anderson Photography Book Event at Arabella Breakfast and Brunch

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

From the beginning:

"One morning climbing upward to Little Glassy Mountain Trail I passed by the great granite rock where Carl Sandburg wrote and curiousity arose. What was the lure of this mountain where he described a "creative hush" over the land. What legacy did Carl Sandburg leave in this place that can only be described as a sanctuary for so many?"

"So from the trail I began to explore Connemara; the home of Carl and Paula Sandburg along with their children and grandchildren. I felt a distinctive vision had been given to me and as each moment of creativity unfolded it became part of the story to be experienced in the Uncommon Sanctuary book series. Until Spring Again is the latest leg of the journey."

Robin Anderson

Come visit with me at Arabella Breakfast and Brunch at 536 N Main Street. Thank-you to Mike for such a gracious welcome and hospitality!

Our vision expands every day with new endeavors as we explore new avenues to bring the moments to life off of the pages of the book and into our everyday lives. Look forward to seeing our progress at the book event. You can follow me at:

Facebook and Instagram: RobinAnderson.Photography

Visit our website to find book events and explore Robin Anderson Photography

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