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Uncommon Sanctuary Has Launched

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Uncommon Sanctuary has finally emerged from the “creative hush” of my singular experiences at the Carl Sandburg Home as a collection of photographs and a story that was always intended to be shared.

The first book in the series Until Spring Again was officially launched at The Second Act in downtown Hendersonville on May 14.

“It was truly a gathering of friends from the trails and new ones who simply love Carl Sandburg Home as I do.”

My appreciation to my publisher Fred Nace of Mountain Page Press and Kelsey Lyon, my book designer for every assistance bringing the book to publication. On a previously unadorned brick wall Chris Nevel from The Second Act now displays familiar and beloved scenes from the book preserved as canvases for patrons to enjoy.

More recently I participated as a presenter at the 2022 Garden Jubilee sharing the book and my photography. It was a blessing to bring my experiences as an artist into the wider community of those who love living things.

In a more personal way, a fellow hiker on the trail, Bruce Holliday who writes so thoughtfully in his weekly newsletter “Flat Rock Together” requested an interview. In an effortless way on the familiar trails he asked me to tell my story. It was a remarkable piece of writing in its depth of understanding of my personal growth and experiences.

In a larger context he wove the greater story of Carl Sandburg, his family and the land that has nurtured such creative experiences. He did not fail to bring my community of fellow believers on the trails into the story.

There will be more to share as the story unfolds and more opportunities to bring Spring Into Summer to a larger audience emerge. Currently I am in the final stages of bringing the next book in the series, Until Spring Again to publication. We will visit Connemara once again in early August! In the meantime I look forward to sharing my love of photography with its focus on Connemara and the adventure of being a new author!

For now, here is my article from “Flat Rock Together” with all credit to Bruce Holliday a thoughtful fellow hiker and amazing writer!

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