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Robin Anderson Launches Uncommon Sanctuary: Until Spring Again

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site is the setting for a stunning visual journey of timeless moments captured in the pages in my new book; Uncommon Sanctuary: Until Spring Again. Connemara inspires a sense of expectation as the seasons circle the calendar awaiting our exploration.

Until Spring Again is being printed as I write this and my anticipation grows!

Having encountered many of you on the trail and in the community of those who love Carl Sandburg Home I look forward to seeing you once again at the Until Spring Again book launch and subsequent book events to be announced. We will also be offering pre-sales on the website and introducing the Robin Anderson Photography Collection bringing the photographs that speak to you into your everyday lives.

As always Kelsey Lyon Designs lends her unparalleled design skills and expertise to bring a shared dream to reality.

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“Capturing Images LLC” as my own publishing company ensures integrity and fulfillment of an artistic vision throughout this book and all to come in the Uncommon Sanctuary series.”

And we welcome you along as the journey continues…….

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