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Until Spring Again, as part of the Uncommon Sanctuary book series immerses us in the unique and timeless setting of Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site. Author and photographer Robin Anderson has crafted a narrative through vivid photographs that encompass Connemara through the changing seasons. Drawing us into a fresh perspective she invites us to pause and experience the moments that inspired her own creativity. 


Until Spring Again finds us under the view from Big Glassy Mountain where summer on the goat farm never fails to enchant. Early morning skies over the pasture reflect the shimmering pink of a garden zinnia. Scarecrows and sunflowers preside over the growing garden. Goats are engaging and curious. Views of the morning skies over the front pasture present billowing clouds highlighting the gold of honeysuckle blossoms. Chasing sunrise up the front pasture is an ever-changing palette of colors and moods in the skies above and reflected in the windows of the stately home itself. 


Summer wanes and brilliance begins. Pausing on the dam bridge one is startled by bright blue skies and billowing white clouds over crisp red, green and gold leaves pursuing the shoreline and shimmering softly in the water below. The season for surreal skies over the land emerges. A rising sun appearing through snow-covered branches provides warmth to bright red berries. Life on the goat farm continues as little Elise comes to visit. 


As apple blossoms emerge from gnarled branches and quince blooms bright alongside the greenhouse we anticipate the long-awaited the new edition of Uncommon Sanctuary: Spring Into Summer.


  • ISBN: 979-8-218-22738-8

    Finished size: 11x8.5 (landscape)

    Cover type: Hardcover

    100 interior pages

    Full color

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